The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church Of Texarkana, Texas USA

1217 Dillon St. Texarkana, Texas

Elder  Randy Johnson, Pastor 

Established in Texarkana, USA on October 21, 1961


Texarkana, USA



The Churches History.

The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church was established in Texarkana, Texas in on October 21, 1961 under the authority of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Tulsa Oklahoma. The charter membership was eight souls and they were Brother A. C. Bookout,  Sister Juanita Bookout, Brother O. E. Beck, Brother James A. Fredrick, Sister Wanda Fredrick, Brother A. B. Harris, Sister Rosie Harris, Brother Alonzo Hicks, and Sister Jamie Hicks. The church then elected to call Elder Ronnie L. Forsythe from Houston, Texas as their first Pastor. Elder Forsythe accepted the call then he and his wife Sister Patsy S. Forsythe joined the church as Pastor and wife. The churches name was Tabernacle Baptist church named after her mother church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On April 5, 1978 the church voted to change the churches name from Tabernacle to Sovereign Grace Missionary Church as it remains today.

The church remains a five point (or what is known as T.U.L.I.P) Sovereign Grace Baptist Church today. We are also a "Landmark" church which believes Jesus Christ started the first church at Jerusalem during His earthly ministry. As a local New Testament Church. We believe it is our duty to the Lord Jesus Christ to follow the examples of old and remain in the teachings of Gods word and not to wonder or to be in error by modernizing to the point of changing the truth of the bible to satisfy people. We believe a church is recognized by authority and by doctrine and we believe this church satisfies both.

  The Church Today

The church today still believes and teaches the doctrine of her beginning. We still believe in a Sovereign God that always governs as He wills, He still saves lost sinners, He still builds the churches as He pleases. We are still a Independent, five point Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church. We are not ashamed of our doctrine or our ways of teaching, we also know that some people cannot adhere or like these teachings and that alright. We invite all people to attend our services so if you would like to attend please do so.

The Churches Officers

Elder Randy Johnson - Pastor since March 2004

Brother Larry Mollette - Treasure

Brother Justin Bookout - Asst. Treasure

Brother Frank Reigel - Clerk

Brother Ronnie Henderson - Song Director